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What is a testimony? We hear Christians use the term all the time in their gatherings and at church. It means something entirely different in a court room, but in Christian terminology it is the story that each individual has concerning their own conversion to the Christian faith and what God has done in their lives. Why is this important?

Testimonies are a great way to share your faith and witness to others, especially in casual encounters with people during your day. Anyone who has accepted Christ as their Savior should have a short (maybe a couple minutes) testimony that they can share with others.

This will often lead the overall conversation into spiritual topics and will allow them to share other aspects of their faith in a casual and informal setting.

Of course, many people have longer versions of their testimonies and how they came to accept Christ into their lives. Listening to these longer testimonies may allow you to learn how God has worked in their lives, which in turn may help to strengthen your own faith. Plus, they are also entertaining!

Some testimonies are full of miracles and depict the real struggle between good and evil. Walter Veith’s testimony below is one of those stories that confirms the great conflict between God and Satan. It will be hard for you to deny that fact after watching that series.

Here are several testimonies from some well known pastors, a layperson and an author of a creation/evolution book. Enjoy!

Now go out and share your testimony with others!

“Remember to read your BIBLE,

accept the TRUTH,

and be a LIGHT in this dark world.”

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