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"Remember to read your BIBLE,

accept the TRUTH,

and be a LIGHT in this dark world!"

What does the Bible say about prophets?

This video is from an evangelistic series called, Foundations of Faith. Pastor Doug Batchelor discusses what the Bible says about true and false prophets and how to tell one from another.  

This video is called, Messenger For A Movement and is from a revival series called, Here We Stand. It is also by Pastor Doug Batchelor of the Amazing Facts Ministry.

This is Pastor Anil Kanda and although the quality of the video is not that great, the information on Ellen White is very interesting. He tells stories of non-Seventh Day Adventists that met Ellen White and their reactions and how it affected their lives afterwards.  

This is a series of 22 videos done by Pastor Stephen Bohr of the Secrets Unsealed Ministry and is part of the Anchor School of Theology. It is a lay persons graduate level theology class. This series is called Believe the Prophets and is very detailed and full of Biblical information. 

Ellen G. White Resources.
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