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Favorite Christ-Centered Apps

Updated: May 21, 2020

What apps do you use, if any, to enhance or assist during personal or group Bible study? What apps do you use that are Christ-centered or Bible related? As a Christian, what apps are most useful in your walk with Christ?

To begin with, all the apps we mention are from the Apple store (since we own iPhones), so hopefully these apps or a variation of them are available within the other app stores.

This first app is called, “” and it is very cool! This app will actually read the Bible to you. You can choose the Bible version and if they don’t have the one you use you can purchase other versions. We use the King James Version and it’s free. You can also choose the language and whether you want the reading with “Drama” or “Non-Drama” options. We use the Drama option and it adds sound effects and mild music in the background which makes it sound more like listening to a movie. This app also has a sleep option where you can have it turn off automatically after a set amount of time, up to an hour later. It’s very comforting to listen to the Bible as you fall asleep. We also listen to this while doing chores around the house or while driving in the car. This app also has a good side benefit (other than the benefit of just hearing the word). It has come in handy for learning the proper pronunciation of those hard words in the King James Version or those difficult names of people and locations/cities. If you don’t already have this app, we highly recommend that you download and start using it immediately. They also have a website,

This app is called, “Amazing Facts Radio” and is part of the Amazing Facts Ministry. They also have an Amazing Facts Ministry app where you can access all of their content for free. Although that app is awesome (and we recommend you download that as well), we’re focused here on the radio app of their ministry. This app is so useful because we also use this like the app mentioned above. We listen to this while doing chores, while driving in the car, etc. In our opinion, one of the the great things about this Amazing Facts radio station app is that the programs are usually pretty short and they are constantly changing to provide a variety of programs and topics. Other than the sermons which play occasionally and are about an hour long, the other programs seem to be between a few minutes and up to 30 minutes. It seems like there’s always something new coming on from Bible studies, short sermons, testimonies, music and episodes from evangelistic series. Of course, everything on this Christian radio app is Christ-centered and biblically accurate. This app and their other apps are highly recommended. They also provide free Bible study lessons online at their website, here.

This app is called, “Audioverse”. Their website is here. This app is full of sermons, mostly audio, but they also have some videos in their app and website. On the app they provide three categories, New, Trending and Featured. You can also search for your favorite pastors/speakers by their names or by the title of the sermon or topic that you’re interested in listening to at the moment. There is also a handy Bible option on the app which allows you to read and listen to the Bible. Here are some of our favorite pastors/speakers to look up (if you don’t know any); Doug Batchelor, John Bradshaw, Taj Pacleb, David Shin, Mark Finley, Randy Skeete, Dennis Priebe, Mark Howard, Don Mackintosh, and Kameron DeVasher. I challenge you to look them up and start listening!

"Remember to read your BIBLE,

accept the TRUTH,

and be a LIGHT in this world."

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