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What does the Bible say about paradise or heaven? Is it a real place? How do we get there? What will it look like? What will we do there? Are there people in heaven right now?

The Bible actually gives a description of heaven in Revelation 21, but you can actually find short descriptions in other books of the Bible as well.

Here is a short video called Utopia, which gives a great introduction about the topic of heaven and how to get there. It’s made by the Amazing Facts Ministry.

The video below is longer and provides a lot of information on the topic of heaven. It is the last video in a series called, The Prophecy Code, by Pastor Doug Batchelor of the Amazing Facts Ministry. If you like this video, you can watch the entire series for free here.

“Remember to read your BIBLE,

accept the TRUTH,

and be a LIGHT in this dark world.”

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