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White Horse Media


White Horse Media is a Christian ministry started by Steve Wohlberg, who serves as the Speaker/Director. From their website: “White Horse Media is a Christian media ministry based in Priest River, Idaho. Our name was carefully chosen for many reasons and is based upon the book of Revelation’s unique description of Jesus Christ triumphantly riding “a white horse” when He returns to planet Earth at His Second Coming.”

We really enjoy this ministry because they’re not afraid of discussing the tough issues or topics within the Christian community and Steve Wohlberg explains these topics in a clear and easy to understand manner.

For example, this ministry has discussed the homosexual issue, the antichrist, abortion, the mark of the beast, and witchcraft, and much more. You can watch all of these series for free on YouTube! 

Not only does this ministry tackle the tough issues but they provide great video Bible studies on all of the end time biblical issues and on current events that relate to Bible prophecy. If you want biblical truth, then this is the ministry to watch and support.

You can check out their website here ( But, even better is their YouTube channel, just search for White Horse Media. Go to their playlist section and you can see all of the different series that they provide.

Below is the first video of several different series that White Horse Media provides on their website and YouTube channel.

Check out their website and their YouTube channel, we guarantee that you’ll find interesting subjects and topics that are provided with biblical support.

“Remember to read your BIBLE,

accept the TRUTH,

and be a LIGHT in this dark world.”

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