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Desmond Doss – A Man of Faith

Desmond Doss, a recipient of the Medal of Honor (the nation’s highest military honor), was recently depicted in the movie, “Hacksaw Ridge”. The movie received great reviews, but of course, it didn’t show all of the details of Desmond Doss’ interesting life due to normal time constraints and the Hollywood movie making process.

Did you know that Desmond Doss was a Seventh-Day Adventist? Did you know that he lost his hearing later in life?

Here are three videos done by It Is Written, an international Christian television ministry. They are well done and provide additional information on the life of Desmond Doss and provide some interesting facts that were not depicted in the movie.

If you want more videos like these check out the It Is Written video website here or look them up on YouTube.

“Remember to read your BIBLE,

accept the TRUTH,

and be a LIGHT in this dark world.”

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