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Magic Kingdom – What Does Your Heart Follow?

We recently watched a DVD titled, “The Magic Kingdom”, produced by Little Light Studios. It runs 58 minutes and explains how spiritualism and other satanic and paganistic beliefs have infiltrated Disney animated films and their cartoons in general. 

Here’s what the back of the DVD says: “Cartoons become your child’s best friends; colorfully captivating and irresistibly entertaining, they entice young impressionable minds during one of the key stages of mental development. Are these “magic” messages planting seeds of dissension into our minds, causing us to rebel against the kingdom of God? This documentary examines the underlying content and story lines of some of today’s most popular cartoons. It reveals a battle between God and the powers of darkness for control of the hearts of the innocent. Two kingdoms. Two powers. Two choices. The impact on your life will be far greater than magic.”

Overall, this film was well made, worth the price and definitely opens your eyes to one of the many ways that Satan is working behind the scenes to corrupt all of us, especially our children. My only complaint, and it’s a small one, is that at times the sound quality was either too low or too high. During the clips of the different cartoon films, the volume seemed a bit low and then would get too high during the actual documentary parts. Again, this is a small gripe and overall I think this DVD is a great resource for parents with small children or for those that are about to have children. Don’t let your kids be corrupted by Satan!

We have limited copies for free! So if you want one just email and ask (first come first serve basis, until our limited supplies are gone – for those in the continental U.S.). You can also buy one at Little Light Studios for around $15 each.

Produced by Little Light Studios

Produced by Little Light Studios

Here are some examples of their videos:

If you like these clips you can watch more at the Little Light Studios YouTube channel or go to their website to watch their videos.

“Remember to read your BIBLE,

accept the TRUTH,

and be a LIGHT in this dark world.”

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